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NEW; Oscar Academy Excludes Skin-Colored Actresses©

Exclusion of Female actresses causes negative reactions

by Narges Mohammadi

OSCAR/ The Guardian wrote the Academy of Oscars became troublesome again with the unexpected nomination of “Andrea Louise Risborough” as one of the nominees for the best actress for her role in “To Leslie”. This caused a big wave of negative reactions.

This year; when the list of Oscar nominees was announced; in various categories; it was revealed that Andrea Risborough; a white actress; was nominated in the category of Best Actress; was at the expense of the exclusion of two other actresses who are black.

It is over and; their right was lost in the Oscars 2023; this issue has not only provoked negative reactions from users; and brought many criticisms; but has again made the hashtag Oscar a very white trend online.

“Viola Davis” and “Danielle Deadwyler” are 2 colored actresses; whom each played the role in the films “The Woman King” and “Till”. The criticism shows that “Andrea Risborough” has been nominated; for the best actress instead of these two actors; and it was this that revived #verywhiteoscar.


The hashtag; which was first used in 2016 after non-white actors were not nominated;was also used to criticize the Academy and in a way; started a wave of boycotts.

So “Michael Moore”; said that Hollywood’s problem is with racial diversity. The film culture of ethnic minorities in Los Angeles; and this form should be removed from the film studio system; which has always been a white and male-centered system.

At the same time; George Clooney also emphasized this regard; “The main problem is not in the selection method, but the lack of work opportunities for minorities in the film industry”; and for this reason; he considered the protests of African Americans to be completely right.

After the Oscar nominations were announced; Chinonye Chukwu; the director of the Daniel Deadwyler-starter Teal, denounced the Oscars for being pro-white and misogynistic about black women. “Robert Daniels” as a film critic; by publishing an article in the Los Angeles Times; wrote as follows: “It is easy to point the finger of blame at Andrea Risborough. Because we believe he caused black women to be excluded from Oscar nominations. But the reality is that as long as we focus on people; and get upset and angry with them; this flawed system and its structure will continue to work”.

Further details

It seems that prominent actors such as; “Jennifer Aniston”, “Charlize Theron”, “Edward Norton” as well as “Cate Blanchett”; who is one of the other Oscar nominees this year, promoted the film “To Leslie” through a coordinated campaign. “Andrea Risborough” is present in this film; and “Cate Blanchett” not only in the private screening of this film but also promoted this film.

Considering the criticisms and negative reactions to this issue and the exclusion of these two black actors; the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the body that organizes the Oscars; is going to hold a meeting to review the regulations of its campaign.

To see that none of the guidelines have been reached; and to inform this matter; the possibility of examining the need for changes; in the guidelines in the new age of social media and digital communication; and the Academy’s guidelines on campaigning; shows that they should be done fairly and ethically.

It seems that the success of the “To Leslie” campaign has backfired for Andrea Risborough; as one anonymous member of the Academy told Variety: “It doesn’t matter what happens; because his reputation will be ruined.”

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