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A Friendly Competition; Harmony of Iranian & Palestinian women in Doha©

by Narges Mohammadi

According to the correspondent of Jahanbanou news site from Qatar, the Iranian national football team visited the Palestinians football team in its first match in the group stage of the Asian Cup of Nations held in Qatar. The competition, which started with the appeal of the Iranian players and staff to the Holy Quran and paying tribute to the oppressed martyrs of Gaza, and the chant of “Death to Israel” by the Iranian spectators in the 18th minute, in Education City Doha, Qatar, gave this match another excitement.

This game resulted in 4-1 in favor of Iran, but the spectators were the main winners of the game. The night Iran won and the name of Palestine shone in the stadium with the support of Iranian spectators. Palestine fully reflected the Asian powerhouse’s possession and dominance in Sunday night’s Group C match, but the win doesn’t tell the whole story of a crowd that has rallied behind Palestine amid Israel’s devastating war on Gaza.

The solidarity and empathy between the Iranian and Palestinian spectators and chanting of anti-Zionist slogans made this game beautifully recorded in the history of football in our country or in the history of the Asian Nations Cup.

Combining the flags of Iran and Palestine by the fans of the teams, anti-Israeli slogans, the joy of the spectators for both teams and the wish for freedom for the oppressed people of Gaza and Palestine was an important and memorable part of the intimate atmosphere of this passionate meeting of 27,631 people.

A competition that was for one goal and did not recognize men and women, players and spectators, Iranians and Palestinians, old and young. A goal of humanity to declare hatred against Israel, the germ of corruption.

One of the interesting aspects of this meeting was the solidarity and unity of pro-Iranian and Palestinian women and girls with each other. Iranian women with the Palestinian flag, Palestinian women wearing masks with the Iranian flag, commemorative photos of Iranian and Palestinian women next to each other, coming together to support Gaza, coming together to hate the child-killing regime, cheering repeatedly for the opposing team and… all these examples.

It was because of the sympathy of these women that the lens of the news cameras was stunned to bring this unity to the ears of the world. At the end of the match, the players of both teams hugged each other and gobsmacked their opponents to the ground.

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