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NEW; Women Side-by-Side with the Saviour of Humanity ©

by Narges Mohammadi

 STUDY/ In all religious studies, we see that there are different sayings and narratives of the arrival of a “Saviour” for humanity. This Saviour in Islamic studies is known as “Mahdi or Imam Mahdi”. Now, according to what Islamic scholars say women also will be a huge part of Mahdi’s companions.

This government of divine justice with the guidance of Imam Mahdi and the help of more than 300 special companions of his; (as the agents of the formation of the government) is made up of various groups; of which women have a great share of this, as well as men.

The presence of women in the global government of the Holy Prophet (PBUH); is an issue. This issue has been mentioned in many narrations from the starting Era of Islam. In some cases, their number and even their names have been mentioned.

Based on some narrations, the role of women at the time of advent has been compared to their role at the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Duties such as delivering water and food to the warriors, cooking, maintaining the warriors’ equipment, preparing medicine, … is defined for them.

In some other narrations, it is mentioned that women were active in the treatment and health sector. From the interpretation of some other narrations, it is clear that several women were managers and agents of His Holiness’ government and will play an active role in management positions.

Imam Baqir (PBUH), the 5th Shiite Scholar says in this regard: “By God, three hundred and fifty people will come, and there are fifty women among them.”

First Group of Women: Presence of fifty women among his companions

The first group of women who rush to his presence are those who lived in those days and, like other companions of him, they serve him when he appears in the sacred sanctuary of God.

There are two narrations about this:

First narrated by Om-Salame from the Great Prophet (PBUH): “At that time, a refugee takes refuge in God’s safe sanctuary and people flock to him like pigeons that rush from four directions until three hundred and fourteen people gather in front of him. Some of them are women who will win over every tyrant”.

Second Narration: “Jaber bin Yazid Jaafi, along with a detailed saying from Imam Baqir (PBUH) has narrated some signs of his emergence: “By God, three hundred and thirteen people will come, fifty of whom are women, who will gather together in Mecca without any prior appointment. This shows the meaning of the noble verse: ((Wherever you are, God will make you all present. Because he can do everything)).”

Second Group: Celestial Women

The second category is the 400 chosen women whom God has reserved in heaven for the world government of Mahdi. They are the ones who lived in those days and like others. His companions serve him when he appears in the safe sanctuary of God. Mahdi (AS) will come to earth with Jesus (AS).

Third Group: Awaiting Women

The third group of helpers is a group of pious women who passed away before appearing. At the time of his appearance, they are told: “Your imam has appeared, you can be present if you wish.” They will be resurrected by God’s will. The return of women is not related to a specific group.

Fourth Group: Menstruating Women

The fourth group of the helpers of Mahdi are women whom God will bring back to the world once again.

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