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Sorrow for the Great Lady of Islam & Pray for the Upcoming Great Avenger Ⓒ

by Narges Mohammadi

More than a thousand years ago, after the death of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H); his great daughter Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra passed (P.B.U.H) away.

The house of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter was attacked, in order to force Ali ibn Abu Talib (her husband) to pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr. Sunni Muslims believe that Abu-Bakr was the first caliph to lead the Muslim world after the Prophet’s death; however many, including Shiite Muslims believe that the Holy Prophet announced Ali Ibn Abu Talib as the Caliph of the Muslim society after himself. Now we are not about to discuss this matter here.

We will talk about the oppression that happened to an innocent woman; and how Muslims today honor that great lady.

According to a number of Shia historians, in this attack Fatima was injured very badly. This caused her to lose the child she was pregnant with at the time. Eventually, she passed away due to her severe wounds .

Now, before this, Fatima bequeathed her husband, told him to bury her in a place that no one knows where it is. After the Prophet’s death, the ones who considered themselves the true companions of Prophet Muhammad went against his will.

These people violated the Prophet’s family’s right. They did whatever they could in order to have all the power to themselves UNRIGHTFULLY!!

How do Muslims honor Lady Fatima today?

Hundreds of years have passed those days, however the oppression that in that era went on Fatima bint Muhammad (P.B.U.H), now its happening to women in this time and age. Although, many politicians and governments claim to support women rights; yet, many women are being violated and mistreated in different sort of ways.

The ones who oppressed Lady Fatimah are alive today in a different skin doing whatever they please with the women population.

In these days, Muslims around the world not only grieve for Lady Fatimah Zahra, but they also pray for the arrival of their Promised Savior, Imam Mahdi. They pray for him to come and wipe the oppressors and violators off the face of the earth.

Below, you see a veneration from Brother Muhammad Hossein Pooyanfar.

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