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Afghan Women more under pressure than Iranian Women; HELP!!! ©

by Narges Mohammadi

AFGHANISTAN/ According to Jahanbanou, the women population in Afghanistan are facing more limitations everyday. Recently they have been restricted on any access of education; now I ask all women rights activist around the world who are shouting “regime change” in Iran, because of its dictatorship towards women , what will they do about the situation in Afghanistan ?

Women in Afghanistan are restricted from going to parks, entering gyms and any other public area in this country. Girls have been banned from entering schools, they are not allowed to live their free life as a child, just for being a GIRL!! Also, lets not forget about the dress code of Afghan women and girls, where they have to dress in a way that they are not even recognized as a women, they are covered from head to toe; and even girls from a very young age have to wear a headscarf.

Whilst in Iran, it is not like this at all. Women are active in all aspects of this country, there are women in the governmental departments, in the parliament, in all fields of medicine, economics, academics and business; also in certain countries Iran has female representatives and ambassadors.

Now in which country are women limited and restricted? And which country needs more help?

The female population in Iran may lack some points and rights(such as increase in childcare supports, increase in some benefits from the government, increase in governmental medical care aids and etc.); but they live much better than the Afghan female population, however, all the concentration of the so-called  “women rights” activist is on Iran.

Are all the intentions behind their activity really in the favor of helping Iranian women, or is it just to benefit their political interests? If they reaaly care for the women of Iran, shouldn’t they condemn all countries who have placed the worst sanctions on this country, and because of these sanctions, the majority of Iranian women lack the access to certain medication that treats breast and uterus cancer?

In Iran, a certain population of women and girls are diagnosed with “Epidermolysis bullosa”; a rare condition that causes fragile, blistering skin. The blisters may appear in response to minor injury, even from heat, rubbing or scratching. In severe cases, the blisters may occur inside the body, such as the lining of the mouth or stomach.

The special bandages that are used to cure this disease are in the list of sanctioned medication by the U.S. and European countries; and now if these utterly false climants of “women rights” really cared about the wellbeing of the female population of Iran, wouldn’t they do something about this matter?

The truth is, they would; but they won’t. Just like all politicians around the world humans-rights, women-rights, freedom of speech and … , is just a tool for them to reach their actual benefits and desires.

Otherwise, if half the pressure that is being put on Iran , was on Taliban , this government of dictatorship would have never seen it’s 1 year of reigning.

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