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Women in Iran; Pre-Islamic Revolution vs Post-Islamic Revolution©

by Narges Mohammadi

One of the most important honors and achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran is giving identity to women who have been able to shine in various fields such as the political area, social area, cultural and sports areas by relying on their own abilities.

Islam gives dignity to women. On this basis, one of the most important honors and achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran is helping women -who make up half of the population of this country- to gain and achieve more day by day. After the victory of the Islamic revolution, all Iranian women were able to grow and develop in their society under the shadow of this holy system.

Being a female was used in the service of women’s excellence

In this 42 years after the Islamic revolution, unlike the era of the Pahlavi regime, which westernized Iranian woman and only promoted sexual desires towards them, efforts have been made to use the intellectual talent and great potential of a woman for her and the society’s advancement as much as possible. During the Pahlavi ruling, in advertisements, women were only seen in company commercials with erotic appearances; however, today, we see a name of a woman in Iran nearly in any field of specialty.

This matter is primarily considered to strengthen the foundation of family as the basic principle of the excellence of the society; which after the Islamic revolution, the Iranian Muslim woman regained her original position first in the family institution and then the society.

Therefore, in the system of the Islamic Republic, the being a male/female was used in the service of human excellence, not in the service of human degradation and moral decay; as is customary in western societies. The moral, personal, political, social and cultural development of women in the Islamic Republic of Iran is very clear, and the reason for this is the desperate efforts of the enemy’s propaganda apparatuses and their attacks against our country, which use false pretexts to justify the violation of women’s rights, and with them trying to destroy the exalted position of women in Iranian-Islamic society with their complete insolence and shamelessness.

Promotion of female human rights and dignity after the revolution

Fortunately, promoting women’s rights and human dignity and empowering them is one of the prerequisites for the development of the Islamic-Iranian society, which has been mentioned in all relevant institutions and laws. Therefore,  the Western attacks and media propaganda have not been able to reduce the status of women in the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran; furthermore, day by day women in Iranian society have shone in various fields of science, politics, social and cultural management.

Female students of Iran in university education from 1971-2014 from “The World Bank”

A quick look at numerous publications like books, including scientific, historical, literary, political, artistic, and all other articles and researches; which are published in the name of Iranian women, indicates the high scientific status and degrees of women. These developments are evident in all fields. The activity of Iranian women in the fields of medicine, technology and science is also very impressive, and women in the fields related to modern sciences have been and are the source of influence and progress.

The statistics related to the successful presence of women in our country after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in various social, scientific, political, economic and sports fields are proof of the positive and impressive role-playing of this influential section of the society. Women who are the secret of success and prosperity of Islamic Iran.

In the book “Rise of Forty Years”, which reviews the achievements of forty years of the Islamic Revolution; According to the published international statistics regarding the progress in the field of women, the reduction of illiteracy among women over 15 years of age compared to the countries of the world and the increase in the ratio of girls to boys in primary, secondary and university education have been mentioned.

Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, only 6% of university graduates were women, and this figure has now reached nearly 50%.

In this research, he also emphasized the increase of female professors in universities and also mentioned the activities of women in sports fields as another positive measure of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Before the Islamic Revolution, the share of women in university professorships was about 1%, which has now reached 21%.

In the field of sports, after the revolution, Iranian Muslim women managed to shine in the world arena and international competitions in various sports disciplines by maintaining the beauty of the hijab. Before the revolution, only 5 medals were the share of Iranian women in Asian competitions. Sportswomen who were forced by the oppressive regime to wear hijab to participate in competitions. While now nearly 200 medals in various disciplines belong to Iranian women.

Before the Islamic revolution during the tyrannical period, the life expectancy index among women in Iran reached 57.6%, which has now increased to 77.1%.

The number of female specialist doctors in the field of gynecology increased from 16% to 98% and also resulted in a 90% decrease in maternal mortality during childbirth.

The number of female doctors has increased 50 times from 597 before the Islamic revolution.

The activity of more than 2700 NGO’s related to the field of women

After the Islamic Revolution, women launched many institutions with cultural, educational, entrepreneurial, charitable and even research approaches, which currently number thousands of centers and non-governmental organizations. Before the revolution, there were only 5 non-governmental organizations active in the field of women, and these numbers were also mainly connected to the royal family, but now more than 2700 NGOs related to women’s affairs are active in different provinces of our country.

in the field of publishing and writing; The number of women writers before the revolution was less than 10, but now it has reached more than 4,000. During the Pahlavi regime, there were no female publishers in the country, but now there are nearly 800 female publishers in the country.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of Women and Family Affairs in his latest report on the most important measures taken for women mentioned the right to education and emphasized this fundamental right, which is at the top of citizenship rights, as one of the fundamental measures of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The eradication of illiteracy among women and girls has reached 99.30% in 2016.

In 1350, the number of girls studying in elementary school compared to boys studying at the same level was close to 35%. In 2013, this number reached 50, which shows the balance and establishment of educational justice between boys and girls in the country. This deputy has also depicted political, economic participation, life expectancy, literacy and education in our country.

Prominent roles of women in managerial positions

In the continuation of this report, the role of women and their activity in managerial fields is also mentioned, which indicates that before the Islamic revolution, women managers only comprised more than 6%, but now this managerial role has reached more than 40%.

In the following graph, which compares the ratio of male and female managers in 2019, the increase in the ratio can be seen.

Along with all these developments and effectiveness of women in our country in various fields, the role of women in the sacred defense and its sequels until today is very proud. The wives, mothers and daughters of the martyrs and veterans and survivors are the outstanding men who gave their lives in the way of God and the powerful Iranian women with strong will, firm determination and with great patience humble every human being in front of them.

After the spread of Corona, the role of women in various fields of cooperation and synergy with the men of our country to fight this infamous virus is commendable, whether in the uniform of nurses, doctors and health advocates or in social and family scenes.

The status of women in the system of the Islamic Republic is so high that the Supreme Leader says: “A woman is a prostitute, not a hero”; “The most important responsibility of a woman is being a woman; The meaning of the code of femininity is not service, its meaning is that it makes the family environment a safe, calm and kind environment for the family and for the wife; With his own kindness, with the dignity that is assumed for him at home.

Source: Human Right’s Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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