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NEW; Single-Parenting Crisis Plagues the Western Family©

by Narges Mohammadi

STUDY/ One of the recommendations of Iran’s Leader to student organizations; especially female students; was to explain the position of women in Western societies. When meeting with the members of student organizations in 2016; Iran’s Leader emphasized this issue and said; “I recommend that one of the points that our great female students should follow; and work on, in their organizations is the issue of Women’s Status in Western Societies. Unfortunately, we are less concerned and informed with this issue.” “Reyhaneh” talks about women, family, and lifestyle issues and is part of the KHAMENEI.IR (Iran’s Leader Information Base); has described the identity and position of women in the West.

The following essay is based on articles and other content that were studied and worked on from Western Sources.

Waking up with plenty on her plate. In the morning, she goes into different roles. She is a mother, father, sister, and brother. This goes on until night hours when she has to put her child to sleep. She has prepared breakfast like a mother; and now she is running to go to work for 2 shifts like a father. In the afternoon, she is a brother, and regardless of all her fatigue and tiredness; she becomes her child’s playmate, and at night-time, she reads stories to the child like an older sister; however, before she falls asleep before the story even finishes.

A Family; Not a Family

All human societies agree that a family consists of 2 parents and children. This is the definition of a nuclear family that is not only for the present time. Throughout the history of human life; this definition, which is derived from the nature of human creation, has been valid. Even people’s mental idea of ​​family is still the same conventional and complete definition as mentioned above.

A child who does not have a complete understanding of the concept of family looks for the roles of father; and mother at home in games and toys. But today in European countries and America; this definition has been affected by a new plague: A certain lifestyle that cannot create a family even with condescension.

Changing attitudes and lifestyles, especially in the West, have not resulted in the collapse of the foundation and change in the concept of family. The spread of multiple relationships outside of marriage and single lives, and divorce have weakened the concept of the traditional family and created a new type of togetherness. A bond that can be called being together without commitment, not a concept that we call as family.

Single Parenting

Single parenting is a new name for a family where the child is deprived of the blessing of one of its parents; also usually struggling with emotional and economic problems. This absent role is usually the father who leaves the family; he is not interested to be within that circle anymore or in fact, the society allowed him to leave the responsibilities of life; and did not try to maintain the strength of this primary bond.

All these problems are called “being a single parent”, which is known as “single parenthood” in Western terms. Single parenthood is caused either by divorce or by the death of a spouse; but for years Europe and the United States of America; have added another group to these single parents: “mothers who are neither divorced nor their husbands have died, but have been abandoned by their partner.

In many of these cases, there was no commitment from the beginning. Perhaps the connection between two people in the subway station has a stronger bond than this connection.

And now this relationship has led to the birth of a child and a mother who now has all the roles, the role of mother and the role of father!

Why Single Parenthood Became Popular in the West?

From somewhere, the West decided to change the concept of family. But if they wanted to define “family”, a few years later and with the speed of changing tastes and attitudes, they would have to draw a hand on this definition again. Therefore, it has always left the question that “What do you call a family” unanswered. Of course, Westerners have done their best; mentioning in paragraph 3 of Article 16 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights: “The family is a natural and fundamental group for society and deserves to be maintained by society and the government.”

One of these governments that advocates human rights has announced strange statistics about the family situation in its country. Two years ago; in 2020, the United States Census Bureau announced the figure of 18.5 million children with single-parent; which means 18.5 million children are deprived of the blessing of growing up with both their parents. Between these, 15.3 million children live with their single mothers. The same goes for the Netherlands. That is, single parenthood has become feminized in this country; meaning women who bear the main burden of extramarital relationships; and the consequences of being abandoned by their husbands.

Currently, single parent-hood in America has the largest percentage in the world. This is due to the spread of a new type of cohabitation that is pleasing to the taste of young people in the West, especially men: “A life without responsibility and commitment, without bearing the difficulties of raising a child, without waking up at night, without paying for diapers, clothes, and school, and without taking responsibility for the problems that grow up with the child.”

Starting Point of Family Destruction in the West

About sixty years ago, between the 1960s and 1970s, the formation of sexual revolution in the West; a revolution that had extensive results for women’s society; suppressed women’s natural roles in the family and instead popularized contraception and free relationships. It also left men’s hands-free to choose multiple sexual partners.

The consequences of the sexual revolution were not so simple, but the issue of changing the concept of the family started from this point and resulted in the disappearance of family responsibilities. When a man calculates the costs of providing housing, food, clothing, and education for the child, along with his side costs, which are not less, he prefers to go instead of staying. And so, the mother is left alone with a lot of problems.

Problems that Single Mothers & their Children face

Statistics say that among single-parent families who are plagued by economic problems; single mothers are much more likely to be poor than single fathers. 39% of single mothers against 19% of single fathers are below the poverty line. Still, the problem is not limited to poverty.

Financial issues and poverty on one hand, and the sense of having no identity and social exclusion on the other hand; all put the single mother in a bind and prevent her from the natural course of personal, family, and social life.

In addition to poverty, the child usually has academic and emotional problems. Sometimes poverty traps him in crimes and these children are added one by one to the number of poor; and criminal single-parent children. According to the results of a study published by one of the judicial organizations of the American government, children who do not have a father and live with their single mother are more likely to commit violent crimes. Also, according to another finding published by this organization; single-parent American children are more prone to drug use than other children.

On the other hand, children of single mothers, especially boys, do not have male role models in their lives; and this matter is a main cause of behavioral problems like aggression. These children will likely carry their problems until adulthood. Usually; the children of single mothers are also involved in futile; and dangerous relationships in the future; which ultimately leads to the continuation of the cycle of single parenthood.

Helping Single-Mothers

The problems of single mothers and their children reached such an extent; that in the seventies numerous campaigns were formed on the topic of women and mothers. They called themselves the “Council of Single Mothers and Children”. Since then, the federal government provided welfare assistance, insurance, support services and even housing for these mothers.

In fact, from the day that this council was established; other men have felt a sense of relief; and are now more motivated to leave their partners and families. Because now a policy has been implemented to formalize; and support this lifestyle without any commitment needed from them. Although this solution provided a place to sleep and food for poor single mothers and their children; But on the other hand, it increased the number of single mothers in western society. Only if their lonely and damaged mothers don’t kill them and don’t give them up for adoption; they won’t fall into the trap of crimes and end up in prison; and finally, they will survive and end up safe and sound.

Source: Khamenei.ir

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