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More accessible space given to women in Canada for social activities

by Narges Mohammadi

More facilities are given to a Women Council in Canada

A new community space in Labrador West aims to provide people and community groups a place to gather and provide support for each other. Micheline Gray, executive director of the area’s Status of Women Council, which opened the space on Wednesday, said: “It’s essential for groups to have accessible, inclusive and free space to work in.”

She said : “I’m over the moon excited. This has been something I’ve been wishing for it since the beginning of my career. Being able to break barriers that women or people who need support urgently, is huge. And the more barriers you break down, the more of that equality we’ll have in our communities.”

The space will host the Status of Women Council’s occasions, awareness events on violence against women, the local teenage Inuit drumming group, art therapy classes, peer support groups and much more.

Gray added: “Plans fell into place when the space beside the council’s office became available. To get the space, the council raised the $65,000 needed through the community and local businesses, including a $25,000 grant from Rio Tinto and around $38,000 from the Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation to cover two years’ worth of rent.”

Pynn, a former tattoo artist, says: ” After fighting my addiction for years, its been four months that I have been sober; and I plan on sharing the experience that I had with this community center for my problem and how art therapy helped me to never give up on social media.”

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