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Daily reports from Qatar; United in a football frame©

by Narges Mohammadi

Women, especially during their presence, waved the Palestinian flag as a sign of sympathy with the patient mujahid women of Gaza and created and managed a huge cultural flow in Islamic societies.

These days, the world is witnessing the oppression of the resistant Palestinian people in Gaza, who put all their assets on their exemplary perseverance and fight to the death to prove the legitimacy of the occupied Palestinian land by the criminal Israeli regime!

The war of inequality that has resulted in the martyrdom of hundreds of innocent children and their oppression has hurt the feelings of the world and has provoked the anger and disgust of the free people of the world against these barbaric crimes, and every day we witness a march in support of the oppressed people of Gaza all over the world!

Although the brutal aggression of the identity less Israeli regime against the defenseless people in the West Bank has shown their ugly face, it has significantly improved the political consciousness of the people to understand the rights-seeking ideals of the resistant Palestinian nation and the human conscience to understand the epic struggles of Palestine. has woken up!

This conscious awakening has also been going on in the Asian Nations Cup football, and the field of football competitions has become a pure opportunity to condemn the crimes of these days to different sections of Gaza!

Qatar, as the host of these competitions, is an arena of support for the sovereign nation of Palestine, in addition to holding football matches of the Asian nations, Qatar has created many humanitarian scenes by performing cultural programs around the clubs organizing the Nations Cup to show its sympathy with the pains caused by Zionist oppression to a nation that is the epitome of patience and to express the resistance in the world and show the terrible face of this regime to the world!

Women, especially during their presence, as a sign of sympathy with the patient mujahid women of Gaza, wave the flag of Palestine and create and manage a huge cultural flow in Islamic societies!

The supportive actions of the fans of the football teams present in Qatar have also led to the expansion of solidarity and empathy with the oppressed Palestinian refugees, and every day they witness lasting and dynamic scenes in the direction of expanding insightful anti-tyranny and a constructive tool to convey the knowledge of the liberation movement of Hamas in the world !

What is certain is that the horizon of the world’s gaze has been raised to expose the crimes of the usurping regime and the seven decades of resistance of the zealous Palestinian people against them, and it has exposed the false hegemony of the Zionist power to the legitimacy of the resistance front to achieve a new world order leading to the Islamic civilization of the dawning era for everyone. Prove belief, profession and ritual!

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