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Barbie’ controversy this time at the Oscars ©

It seems that the awards given by the Oscar voters for "Barbie" have not satisfied enough radical feminists. As soon as the 2024 Oscar nominations were announced, many feminist activists were outraged by Greta Gerwig's exclusion from the Best Director category and Margot Robbie’s not being nominated for the Best Actress category.

by Narges Mohammadi

Extreme feminists in America believe that the rights of the “Barbie” movie have been abused.

Considering this issue, it should be seen if the feminist activists will force the members of the Oscar Academy to give the Best Film Award to “Barbie” or not.
It seems that the awards given by the Oscar voters for “Barbie” have not satisfied enough radical feminists. As soon as the 2024 Oscar nominations were announced, many feminist activists were outraged by Greta Gerwig’s exclusion from the Best Director category and Margot Robbie’s not being nominated for the Best Actress category.

The fight in the first two days of the nominations was over the fact that male Oscar voters ignored the achievements of Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie. Then it came to a discussion between the elders of feminism. However, based on the materials published in three specialized cinema media in America (Deadline, Variety, and Hollywood Reporter), it can be said that this year’s Oscar nominees have been very loyal to the positions of liberals today. Issues such as the nomination of actors who are gay in the real world and nominated to play a gay character; Examples include racial diversity among acting nominees and Best Picture nominations for films directed by women.

Therefore, “male patriarchy” has not played much role in ignoring the merits of Margot Robbie. The question is, did they nominate a man for the Best Actress Oscar instead?! Regarding Greta Gerwig, several feminists wanted to remove the nomination of Martin Scorsese, the actor in the movie “Killers of the Flower Moon” or Yorges Lanthimos, the actor in “Les Misérables”.

Martin Scorsese was not nominated for this award because he is a man, but the Academy nominated the veteran director for making a film about white crimes against Indians. On the other hand, the hero of the story in “Bakhtaran” is a woman. Hard-line feminists believe that the Hayes Men dispossessed Margot, who played Barbie and voted for Emma Stone in Les Misérables.

However, Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig have been nominated for Oscars in other categories! Greta Gerwig is nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay and Margot Robbie is nominated for Best Picture as Producer.
Celebrities and media activists expressed their displeasure for Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig not being nominated at the Oscars.

2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wrote on her Twitter account to Margo and Greta: “Although it hurts to win the box office and not take home the gold statue, millions of fans love you. Both of you are so much more than men.”
MSNBC anchor Jennifer Palmieri responded to the “crisis” and said: “Both Gerwig and Robbie were out of place…Hollywood coldly ignored the artistic achievements of women.” This presenter continued with a bold font as a sign of shouting: “While you ignored them, the achievements of women were the biggest message of the film!”

Sports anchor Julie Stewart Banks also wrote in X: “Greta Gerwig was excluded from the category of best director? Is such a thing possible at all? Margot Robbie was not nominated, but Ryan Gosling was nominated for an Oscar for acting. Has anyone even understood the message of the highest-grossing film in history?

This presenter means that the message of the film was to support feminism; You (Oscar voters) nominated the male character of the film and left out the female protagonist. In addition, it should be noted that “Barbie” is not only not the best-selling film in the history of cinema, it is not even among the top ten films.
Brandon Freeman, a former member of Obama’s cabinet, had a similar opinion and said that the film was intended to criticize “male patriarchy” and, in disbelief, the male actor was nominated for an award.

Margot Robbie’s “Barbie” co-star Ryan Gosling was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. The Canadian actress criticized the lack of nominations of the two people mentioned: “Without Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie, there would be no ‘Barbie’.” These two are the main reasons for the success and history of this work. I was very disappointed that they were not nominated in the main categories!

Although America Ferrera was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress in “Barbie”, after the initial thanks, she said about this “crisis”: “When I heard that these two were not nominated, I was very disappointed. Greta did almost everything a director should do and deserved to be nominated for Best Director. She brought to light a world in this film that was foreign to most people and made this film a global phenomenon… Margot Robbie has achieved so much as an actress… Margot plays a stuntman in front of the camera. I am very proud to have witnessed his performance.”
Celebrities and media activists mocked this “crisis”.

Robbie’s non-nomination means patriarchy won?

Bill Marr, the famous host of the political/cultural program on HBO, called the movie “Barbie” an “anti-male” and unrealistic work and pointed out that this movie aims to blacken and exaggerate “patriarchy” in American society, creating a critical image of Draw this country today. Reacting to the embezzlement crisis, this presenter said with a mocking tone: “This issue was sent to the International Criminal Court and it is being investigated as a war crime.”

Barbie will give you BDD

The HBO host continued: “I don’t understand why they made it so big. Margot Robbie was competing with other female candidates. They behave as if they gave her engagement to Vin Diesel (a famous action movie star). If Robbie is not nominated, does that mean patriarchy has won?

“The next time you see a rich blonde woman in distress, don’t forget to comfort her,” Marr said at the end of his monologue.
The Hollywood Reporter is one of the biggest supporters of feminism in mainstream media, but even they noted in a report called “Backlash to Backlash”: “There’s nothing wrong with Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig not being nominated. Not everyone is going to get an award. Margot Robbie’s non-nomination should not be easily blamed on “misogyny”; (Were these two rivals?) Justine Trier’s achievements (as a female director) are ignored when the charge of “misogyny” is raised.”

The Hollywood media further added: “Another contradiction raised by this volume of criticism is that it has brought women to the lives of women. The Los Angeles Times, in its note, in defense of Margot Robbie, downplayed the achievements of other women nominated for Best Actress. All these sensitivities represent the worst example of “white feminists” and ended up belittling women of color who were nominated for best actress.

The Hollywood Reporter pointed out at the end that maybe if the feminists had not made such a fuss, “Barbie” would have won the award for the best movie of the year.

When a woman doesn’t win, it doesn’t mean femininity has failed

The New York Times, in an atheistic and antithetical note to the media’s (feminist) mood, headlined “Barbie Is a Bad Movie,” said: “Every time a woman doesn’t win an award, it doesn’t mean femininity has failed. “We have passed the era when it is not possible to criticize women artists based on meritocracy.” The apostasy of the Times did not go unanswered by the readers of this newspaper; Some feminists accused this publication of favoring “male patriarchy”.

We don’t need to go to war to prevent these two women from getting nominated
In a note titled “Everybody’s Lost Their Minds,” the website Slate noted, “What do people think they’re giving Oscars to? The most motivational message? Best-selling movie? I don’t think it is necessary to mention, but I feel like I should say that they did not take the Oscar nomination from the female character and gave it to the male character. An Oscar nomination does not mean that men are better than women.

Just because the subject of the film is “feminist”, we should not create an honorable atmosphere and our political red line should be the Democrats… Since this work is about feminism, all women should not be awarded automatically. We don’t need to go to war to prevent these two women from being nominated, and certainly such a low-value issue should not become the concern of the former Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton).”

Mocking “Barbie” fans by the famous comedian

Until this “crisis”, criticizing “Barbie” was forbidden; But when white feminists used the “oppression” ticket, as usual, some liberals got emboldened and some criticism started. Famous comedian and Hollywood star Bill Burr said about the “oppression” of wealthy white liberal women: “It’s ridiculous that white women scream ‘social inequality’ from their massage chairs and expensive SUVs.”

Injustice of feminists protesting Oscar nominations

Interestingly, no one resorted to similar tactics to criticize the non-nomination of the two men who made Top Gun Maverick the biggest movie of 2022. Tom Cruise was not nominated for Best Actor, and members of the Academy did not see Joseph Kozinski’s directing up to Oscar standards. “Top Gun: Morric” sold more than “Barbie” and Tom Cruise played a much more important role in the success of his film than Margot Robbie. Joseph Kozinski’s film score on IMDB is two stars more than Greta Gerwig’s so-called masterpiece.

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