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AMAZING/Iranian Female Diver; From Breaking Records to Exhaling in Life©

Young Iranian Female athlete sets new records.

by Narges Mohammadi

IRAN/ Before, it may have seemed impossible to imagine the presence of women in mountaineering; football, paragliding, rock climbing, diving, motorcycling, or car racing. However, Iranian women have proven that sports have no walls or fences; preventing women from creating surprises by being present and winning medals in various sports fields.

She set two national records in the disciplines of “nofin to a depth of 30 meters” and “monofin to a depth of 35 meters”. Being part of the global rankings of the World Federation; the female diver from the south of Iran proved that women in the Islamic Republic of Iran; can compete in hard sports and gain success.

Samira Kamalfard, despite starting a family and having a child; continues to be proud of herself and encourages young and teenage girls in this way.

Details about her field of sports

She explains her sport saying: “The field of no fin is a specialized field in which having a record in it is very important. The choice of the meter (water depth) is in the hand of the athlete; we must go to the depth we chose without using any equipment. Only by holding our breath and returning without making any mistakes and not holding the rope along the way. When we reach the bottom, we bring the desired mark with us to the surface of the water. In this field, I went to a depth of 30 meters; and came back and was able to set a record.”

Her other record was the 35-meter depth Monofin; which in this discipline is a container that accompanies a diver and has to go back and forth to the depth with the movement of a dolphin; a record that has not yet been set among men.

Since childhood, she pursued swimming intending to become a champion; but she was always interested in diving and therefore went entered this field. Considering that swimming is done in a closed and safe environment, but diving deals with the infinite sea, her family was against it, but she was able to accompany them with all these problems.

Although she is currently the mother of a 5-year-old child, she is more interested in this activity with the support of her husband and family.

Remembering that she has been diving since she was 16 years old and her husband is still engaged in freediving; Kamalfard believes that the presence of women in the championship is a reflection of disciplines. She is more enthusiastic when her family sees her active and disciplined despite having family and children to take care of.

Source: IRNA Agency

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