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A look over the reputation of female volunteers in Iran’s 14th presidential election©

by Narges Mohammadi

During the registration days of the 14th presidential election, four women registered to run for Iran’s presidency.

The deadline for candidates to register for this election, which started on the morning of Thursday, May 30th , ended on the evening of Monday, June 3rd .

According to the announcement made by the spokesperson of Iran’s election headquarters, 80 people have been nominated in this election; from figures with a history of president and speaker of the parliament, to former and current ministers and members of the parliament. The names of four women can be seen among the people who have registered for the elections.

Due to the existence of the condition of “political male” in the set of conditions set for the president, the presence of women in this arena, regardless of the existing necessities and requirements, has always faced interpretive challenges regarding this expression; That being a “man” is defined in terms of “gender” on the basis of which only men have the possibility to volunteer and enter this field, or that it has another meaning that does not block the possibility of women’s presence, at least in the past, and provides a platform that they also find the possibility of acting in this field based on the qualification criteria.

Zohre Elahian, Raafat Bayat, Hajar Chenarani and Hamida Zarabadi are women who have registered for the 14th presidential election.

Azam Taleghani and Zahra Shojaei were also registered in the previous rounds of the presidential elections, but they did not have the opportunity to be exposed to the people’s choice due to the lack of approval by Iran’s Guardian Council. But the women registered for the upcoming elections have all entered this campaign with a history of representation in the parliament.

Zohre Elahian

Zohre Elahian, with a medical education, has the experience of representing the 8th and 11th term of Tehran. On Saturday, June 1st , she registered her name as a presidential candidate by attending the country’s election headquarters.

Elahian, who failed to qualify for the 12th Parliament in the March 1st  elections, is running for the presidency with the slogan “healthy government, healthy economy, healthy society”. She has also put transparency and the fight against corruption at the top of her work.

Hamida Zarabadi

Hamida Zarabadi, the reformist representative of Qazvin in the 10th term, also registered in the 14th presidential elections.

She, who had appeared in the Ministry of Interior with a different cover from her representative period, presented her plan to reform the approach of domestic politics by giving priority to all-round development, fighting against all forms of corruption, freedom of information and support for free and independent media and the free activity of parties. Independent organizations and trade unions have stated and promised to use all worthy men and women of any orientation, ethnicity and social class in her cabinet.

Hajar Chenarani

Hajar Chenarani, the representative of Neishabur in the 10th and 11th parliaments, also announced her readiness to take the post of president by registering in the elections.

Considering her performance in the past, Chenarani is confident that she can form a revolutionary government based on national reconciliation. She believes that we have women as worthy as men in the society. Therefore, it has come to the field so that women can make more demands.

Raafat Bayat

Raafat Bayat, representative of Zanjan in the 7th Parliament of Iran, was the fourth female candidate and the last person who reached Fatemi Street in Tehran within the last minutes before the doors of the Ministry of Interior were closed, and she registered in the 14th presidential election.

Bayat studied sociology and was responsible for mobilizing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for 3 years during the Iran & Iraq war.

She has been politically active since he was a student and is proud to be with the Imam in Nofal Loshato. She considers herself a child of the revolution and an impersonator of the Imam and claims that she volunteered because she saw that the country’s human resources, including women, were not being used as they should be.

Bayat says that by using our facilities without the need for government assistance and by amending the disturbing laws, we can use an important part of the country’s national income in the best way to improve conditions.

The registration of candidates for the 14th term of the presidential election started at 8:00 am on Thursday, May 30th , 2024, and ended at 18:00 last day, June 3rd , and finally, 80 candidates registered out of 278 applicants to the election headquarters located in the Ministry of Interior. they did

According to the previous announcement of the Ministry of Interior, after the announcement of the names, the candidates have 15 days to advertise and finally the voting for the presidential election will be held on June 28th 2024.

IRNA News Agency

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