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Status of Women & Children in the Gaza Strip ©

by Narges Mohammadi

POLITICS/In an article referring to Israel’s crimes against women in the Gaza Strip, Nasreen Malik, a Sudanese writer and columnist for the Guardian, wrote: Sometimes a tragedy is so dire that its details remain hidden from view.

Behind the scenes of casualties and displaced persons in the Gaza Strip, there are women and girls for whom this conflict has become strangely intense and has completely changed their life situation. As the head of women’s affairs in the United Nations said in a conversation with the Associated Press, women and children bear the brunt of this war.

Palestinian mothers and children struggle to survive in such excruciating conditions every day; If they survive these problems, they face hunger and displacement, and on top of all this, they cannot access enough food and drinking water to nurse their children. When powdered milk is found in the camps, finding water to boil and prepare it is a challenge.

At the same time as the situation of Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip is revealed, the activity in feminist discourses has become somewhat problematic. Some Western politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State of the United States, and some feminist activists, expressed disappointment at the failure of the movie “Barbie” to be nominated for the Oscars and were angry that such a movie was not considered despite its feminist approaches. Now they oppose the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and ignore the situation of Palestinian women.

According to the “Haaretz” report, one child in Gaza is killed every 15 minutes. The names of the thousands of children that the Israeli army killed in Gaza in the last four months are published like the end credits of a long film with a piece of sad background music, while 260 of these children did not reach the age of one year and no one knows. What were the dreams of these children?


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