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The Great Herald of Women’s rights: “Lady Fatima Al-Zahra”©

A review of Women's position in Islam and before that

by Narges Mohammadi

The birth date of Lady Fatima Zahra (PBUH) in the Islamic calendar is stated as Mother’s Day & Women’s Day. She was born in an era when women and girls had no place and value. Lady Fatima rapidly progressed through the development of human, moral and spiritual virtues; so that as a woman, she became a complete and comprehensive model for all Muslim men and women.

By examining the world’s state before Islam and matching it with the wrong views of women even in today’s world; we find that Islam is the best and most complete religion for giving dignity and humanity to women. Furthermore, we can say that Lady Fatima Al-Zahra (PBUH) is the target of the universe’s creation for this world to reach the afterworld.

Two non-Islamic general and extremist views on women

  1. The Petrified view considers women only limited to the home; believes the purpose of women’s creation is to meet the needs of men and does not allow them to engage in social and political activities.
  2. The Feminist view does not consider any differences between men and women, and seeks to create an unreasonable equality between men and women in law and society. In this case, women should take on the same heavy duties as men within the community.

The right attitude in the life of Lady Fatima Al-Zahra (PBUH) makes it clear that both views were wrong. Both neglected women. As a woman who is a role model for women and men in the Islamic world; Lady Fatima (PBUH) is a perfect example of a successful woman both in the household and in the community.

Lady Fatima (PBUH) and the role of women in the family and society

As a wife, mother, and daughter, she has been a companion, supporter, and encourager; plus a source of peace, contentment, forgiveness, loyalty, faith, full of compassion, and self-sacrifice. Insight, governorship, justice, charity, courage, bravery, etc; is seen in her political and social activities as a noble and virtuous woman. All these prominent features are visible in her Fadakiyeh sermon.

Teaching Muslim women

During her blessed life, for all women to be strong and independent at the time, she taught various subjects such as regulations, Quranic studies, husbandry ethics, bringing up children, caring for people, and caring for neighbors, moderating economical and social issues; so that all Muslim Women would have knowledge and virtue in all aspects.

The difference between the views of Ancient Arabs & Islam toward women

Before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) started his mission, the Arabs had a contemptuous and instrumental view of women. Women were second-rate human beings in that Era. In these societies, women had no place, and individual and social rights had no meaning for them.

Discriminatory view of girls and boys, burying girls alive, commoditization of women, deprivation of inheritance and property, not having the right to choose in marriage, selling and exchanging women, not owning any dowry, not having the right to express political opinions, and deprivation and prohibition of learning, etc; are all a summary of the inappropriate condition that women of that time had.

After the mission of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) started, the Islamic religion was established, and an end was drawn to these anti-women thoughts of the societies. Islam gave dignity to women and recognized their rights. The birth of Lady Fatima (PBUH), observing the behavior of those around her with her husband and daughter, interpreting the divine verses of the Qur’an, and informing Muslim men and women about human and social rights; and numerous other activities were done by the Holy Prophet of Islam to eliminate the horrific view of women and give more respect and value to them.

Islamic views regarding women in the world today

This current article shows that all the media propaganda against what Islam says about women is false and just a sick political game. In an era where women in Europe or best if I say, in Western countries had the least rights; a man in a country in the Middle East raised, cherishing women and showing how to respect them.

Final Word

Islam praises women, Islam respects women, and Islam wants everything for women.

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