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A GREAT invention from a muslim woman

by Narges Mohammadi

Mariam Noor, the hope for heart disease treatments

Mariam Noor, a PhD student in medical engineering, has developed a medical device that will help the human heart improve blood flow. This device will probably eliminate the need for heart and other cardiovascular surgeries.

Noor said:” A prosthetic heart valve is an effective form of treatment, but it’s also a relatively complicated surgical procedure that brings with it a number of risks and complications in the long term. Now we have found a solution that can make it easier to treat patients This solution, is annulus shaped device which has been succefully tested by researchers, showing a historic promise and is hailed by cardiologists everywhere as revolutionary.

Mariam Noor added: ” I look at surgical issues through the lens of an engineer, because there’s a lot of physics and mathematics in our cardiovascular system. My approach has been to understand how the aorta works and then transfer this knowledge to design a ring that can recreate normal anatomical conditions in patients.”

We looked at the geometric pattern of the main artery in a pig with a ring and in a pig without it, and we could see that we can actually preserve the natural dynamics.

Mariam Noor added at the end:” After few years of testing, heart patients will see the benefits of the small ring that seems to be able to cure leaking heart valves.”

Somalis in the diaspora welcomed Mariam Noor’s historic achievement in this great invention.

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