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AMAZING; 10th Year of World Hijab Day ©

The 1st of February is announced as World Hijab day.

by Narges Mohammadi

World Hijab Day is an annual event founded by Nazma Khan in 2013. Nazma Khan is an American-Bangladeshi Muslim woman living in New York. She wanted to foster religious tolerance and understanding by inviting all women to experience the hijab for just one day.

This initiative which is entering its 10th anniversary this year; happens broadly in 140 countries. The main purpose of this campaign is to educate and spread awareness on why the hijab is worn.

Critics of this huge day, consider this day as oppressive and a message sender that Hijab is a choice and not compulsory; this is false and untrue information.

Many also dislike it because it has been noted that 1 February was also the date Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Iran from his French exile, which subsequently led to the enforcement of wearing hijabs.

Hijab in Iran

First of all, when 99 percent of a country’s population follows one religion; they are all obliged to follow that religion completely. If Iranian women were against Hijab or in general Islam; the recent occurrences would have reached a result, but they didn’t. Their participation in all religious events, and their condemnation of the recent riots in Iran, show that the majority want Hijab. The majority want Islam and the Islamic Republic system.

If Iranian women get determined for something, they fight until they get it. They don’t need any foreign force to help them. So, all these accusations against the Iranian “REGIME” are false.

The system asks MEN and WOMEN to have proper clothing within the community; also it obliges men to withhold inappropriate looks from women and be civil in society.  

World Hijab Day 2023

Now, let’s get back to World Hijab Day. This year, about a month before, the co-founders and organizers of this campaign, called all women around the world to join this movement by wearing a hijab; holding a sign with the hashtag #UnapologeticHijabi. They were asked to send their pictures and views about hijab also invitations to others around the world on joining the campaign.

Here are some pictures:

Some of the participants had a few words to say about hijab

From the UK;

“Hijab is beautiful. It’s a command from our creator. So, we need to fulfill it. Alhamdulillah, I have been wearing it from a young age. It gives me modesty and confidence.As c I wear it, I will get rewards in eyes of Allah and I will also be protected by him. So, please wear it and feel the pride and protection! Let’s all become #UnapologeticHijabi!

Join me on #WorldHijabDay, February 1st, by wearing a headscarf to show your support for Muslim women who experience discrimination.

From Kosovo;

What makes me an #UnapologeticHijabi?

My hijab is the honor and modesty of our Islam. Not just my Hijab, but the hijab of each one of us. From the age of 15, I wore the hijab, and now I am 24. I have never felt bad about my hijab. Even if others have tried to make me feel bad, I have always remembered that honor belongs to Allah, the Prophet, and all Muslims.

Therefore, don’t just raise your voice, but hold your head with honor, let’s raise our deeds according to pure Islam.

Join me on #WorldHijabDay.

Other activities

Furthermore, this campaign had a whole table in St. Peters Episcopal Church in Arkansas USA. Women came to the station and celebrated this day by trying on Hijab.

Some pictures:

Bert Church School in Canada was also host of this campaign.

The armed forces of the Philippines chose to join this campaign as well.

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