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SHOCKING; The Crisis of Violence Against Women in Occupied Territories ©

by Narges Mohammadi

ISRAEL/Although Israeli institutions refuse to disclose the actual statistics of violence against women; the data shows that the female victims of sexual violence in 2022 was 50% raised from 2021.

Violence against Israeli women is an usual issue. The information published about it is mostly related to the news of violations; and mistreatment of female soldiers in the Zionist army. According to the report published by the Hebrew media in 2022; the rate of sexual assault on female soldiers has increased significantly since 2020.

Also, 1,500 cases of sexual assault against women in the Israeli army have been reported so far; which only 31 cases of them have been dealt with. Additionally, most of these violent sexual outbreaks are not disclosed and do not reach the complaint stage. This issue has caused an increase in drug and alcohol addiction among female soldiers.

But “abusing women” in the occupied territories is not only limited to the Zionist army; rather, dozens of Israeli women are killed every year with different means and motives, and statistics show that Israel has a black record in massacring women.

50% increase in the murder of Israeli women

The “Women’s Lobby in Israel” association announced that the murder of Israeli women in 2022 has increased by more than 50% compared to 2021.

According to this report, 24 women were intentionally murdered in 2022 alone. Of course, this statistic does not include female soldiers or those who died due to natural causes or accidents. This is while the previous cases related to the murder of Israeli women are still open and investigations are ongoing.

The Women’s Lobby Association in Israel published an article on its website and wrote that more than 200,000 Israeli women are victims of violence every year; and only a quarter of these crimes are reported. Also, on average, 20 women are killed every year because of their gender; and the data shows that more than half of these women are killed by their acquaintances and relatives.

News Reports about this issue

In this regard, the Hebrew website i24 News quoted Shalva Weil, a researcher at the Faculty of Education at the Hebrew University, as saying: Most of the murders of Israeli women are related to marital and family disputes, but there are also cases where mothers are killed by their children. . Killing a woman destroys the whole family, we must stop the violence and fight against this terrible phenomenon.

In June 2022, after 4 women were murdered only in two weeks, Israeli women’s associations held protest demonstrations and declared that Israel is in a state of emergency. They also must prioritize the fight against violence against women. Furthermore, this association also objected to the performance of the Zionist government’s cabinet at the time; headed by Yair Lapid, regarding women’s rights. Plus, they demanded to take serious measures in this matter.

According to these facts, the different cabinets of the Zionist regime have been trying to eradicate the phenomenon of “femicide” for years to keep their image. Thus, the programs designed for this purpose are often canceled due to insufficient budget allocation. Even the Knesset Research and Information Center points out the lack of a special organization to investigate and solve the big problem of “femicide” in Israel.

Some Cases of “Femicide”

Among the clear examples of the murder of Israeli women, we can mention the Haaretz newspaper report that was published last August. At that time, the body of a 27-year-old woman named “Elena Greenberg” from Rishon Letzion town was found in a field near the Rahofrat area with signs of violence on her body. It was determined that she had been murdered by a man in his twenties.

In another report, this newspaper mentioned the murder of a 24-year-old girl named Sabir Nahum, who disappeared about a month before her body was found, and later it was found that she was abused by her ex-husband and then killed. it has arrived. He had two children.

The next case is related to the murder of a 61-year-old woman by her husband who was killed in February 2022. The poor woman had bruises on her body.

In addition, the report of Hebrew sources shows that in 2022, the number of women who received medical and psychological treatment due to violence has increased by 40%. Also, in the past year, more than 160 Israeli women have been hospitalized due to sexual and family violence.

Women’s rights organizations report that more than one million women and children, who constitute approximately one eighth  of the Israeli population, are victims of violence by various means. So, in addition to women, half a million Israeli children also suffer from domestic violence.

Also, the majority of women who are victims of gender-violence are under 30 years old. The significant number of them are teenagers.

Current Situation

This situation has intensified especially during the last decade; and every year protest campaigns are established to condemn violence against women in the occupied Palestine. Of course, the researchers of human rights institutions emphasize that in most cases; violence against women is carried out in the shadow of the silence of certain Israeli authorities and institutions. Not forget to mention that the heads of this regime in relevant ministries and institutions; refuse to disclose the real statistics of victims of violence against women.

Source: Fars News Agency

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