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NEW; 1st Muslim Woman Appointed CEO of International Charity Penny Appeal

by Narges Mohammadi

DUBAI/ Penny Appeal, the Muslim international humanitarian charity, has appointed Ridwana Wallace-Laher as its CEO, the first Muslim woman to hold such a post at a major global charity.

Wallace-Laher is a former teacher at the Yorkshire (Bradford) Co-op Academy Grange in the UK and is experienced in mentoring people from a variety of backgrounds.
Her appointment comes after being part of the Penny Appeal team for three years, with experience in various roles, including most recently as senior director of growth.

Working with Penny Appeal, which is based in Wakefield, Yorkshire, she has a strong track record of leading diverse teams, building relationships with stakeholders, and encouraging collaboration.
Wallace-Laher said: “It has been an honor to have been part of the core unit that has led the positive change Penny Appeal has made in the faith-led charity sector globally. My commitment to greater governance, collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement, combined with my background as a senior teaching professional, make me confident that I can drive Penny Appeal’s success even further in the future.”

Chairman Trustee Words

Mohammed Jahangir, chairman of trustees, said: “Ridwana stood out against all other candidates through a tough selection process, and I am proud to have her as our new CEO.”
He said that she is the first Muslim woman to hold the CEO position at a major international charity. “May she be the first of many Muslim women to do so,” he added.

“At a time when the world is facing a global economic crisis when many in the UK and abroad are struggling to feed themselves and pay electricity bills, and when people in Turkey and Syria are suffering due to the recent earthquake, we at Penny Appeal are trying our best to help those who need it by supporting them and providing aid during these times or events.

“The trustees are confident that Ridwana is a woman who will take Penny Appeal to new heights to help those in need. We believe she will transform and grow the charity for the digital age while staying true to our core values of helping those in need. I look forward to seeing the positive impact that Ridwana will have on the charity and her leadership to make the world a better place,” Jahangir said.

Source: Arab News Agency

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