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Karbala would have been forgotten if it wasn’t for Zainab (p.b.u.h)

by Narges Mohammadi

This one sentence has a big meaning. It is saying that the huge battle of Karbala, in which the best people were killed very brutally and cruelly, its persistence for thousands of years is because of a woman. A woman from the heavenly lineage and the granddaughter of the last prophet, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); and her name is Zainab (pbuh).

At a time when no woman dared to raise her voice in front of men, let alone the one who is known as the “Caliphate of Muslims”, Lady Zainab (pbuh) after the great ordeal she suffered; she stood strong and upright against the tyrannical ruler, and with a high head and a loud voice, revealed the true inner self of the tyrannical caliph to everyone.

She spoke in such a way that no man dared to interrupt her or reject or even deny anything she said. At a time when all over the world women did not have any special involvement in politics and social affairs and they were mostly busy with their daily routine; but there are Muslim women who, in addition to being successful in their personal lives, have also had a special position in their society.

If Ashura is the story of a man who stood up against oppression, Arbaeen is the story of a woman who stood up against deception, distortion and lies. In this time that we live in, we know the importance of media and advertisement; now, imagine that in the era of suffocation, when women would not interfere in political and social affairs, a woman had the role of today’s media and removed the veil from the face of the executioner and oppressor of a government at the time. All of what we said now is just a part of the great personality of Lady Zainab (PBUH).

Now, contrary to what the western media shows about Muslim women these days; A Muslim woman is not restricted or limited, and she will not fall under the burden of oppression and coercion. A Muslim woman is chaste, noble and free, following the path of Lady Fatema Zahra (PBUH), she fights for what’s right side by side with Muslim men.

Every great event that happened in the world of Islam and led to victory, a huge part of it is because of the effort, determination and patience of Muslim women.

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