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Islamic Republic of Iran gets EXPELLED from UN Women Commission on the Status of women ©

by Narges Mohammadi

At the beginning of 2022, the Islamic Republic of Iran became a member of the UN Commission on the status of Women with the majority of in-favor votes.

Now, at a meeting on December the 14th, with 29/45 votes Iran was removed from the Commission.

The votes show that nearly more than half of the members; did believe fall for the sick propaganda against Iran that was set by the US and Zionist Authorities.

Establishment of this Commission

Now the country who requested on Iran being removed from this commission was the United States if America; and who from this country made this request and started this whole fiasco? Hillary Clinton.

And Mrs. Hillary Clinton is the one who publicly announced that they were the ones who created ISIS; AND who is ISIS? ISIS are the most viscous and violent ones towards people in general humanity, ESPECIALLY when it comes to WOMEN.

The true supporters of women rights know very well that the United States of America are the last ones Earth that can ever claim to be a support women rights. Domestic violence, sexual violence and harassment, sex-trafficking, the increase of female inmates in all states of America, poverty, gender pay gaps, suicidal crimes, and … ; are all matters that American women are facing more everyday; and all 46 governments until now, have done absolutely NOTHING  in order to help the female population of their country regarding these issues.

Next to USA, we have the Israeli Zionist regime, which for decades has started a war in Palestine; and non-stop has shredded the bloods of innocent Palestinian childen and women. Apart from that, they torture them different terrifying ways; and so, before Iran the representatives of these 2 countries should have been removed from this commission.

Iran’s membership in the Commission on the Status of Women was canceled while, based on international statistics; the status of women in the Islamic Republic has always been growing.

Was this Cancelation legal?

What happened today in the meeting of this council is an action against the existential philosophy of the formation of the United Nations and the principle of multilateralism. This shows Washington’s political decision on imposing its will on other countries; and worse, the Secretary General of the United Nations has remained silent in the face of this dangerous heresy.

This American action will lead to the adoption of a procedure that will be used in the future against any independent government that stands up to the American oppression.

THE BIGGEST shame is the that even the ambassadors of the European governments have said in person to the Iranian representative that this action of United Staes is illegal and unprecedented, but we cannot oppose it!

On the other hand; if the drafters of this resolution were really concerned about the status of women within Iranian society; they should have presented their alleged cases with documents and evidence in the commission. Thus, they should have heard Iran’s answers about them instead of suspending this country’s membership.

Final Word

There is no doubt that the presented image of Iranian women status is only a product of distorting facts and fake media portrayals.

Regardless of the results of this election and that the fact that all of it was based on fabricated information against Iran and in GENERAL it was Illegal; being part of a UN commission that only helps the situation of women on the paper; and never truly acts upon its word, has nothing useful for a country that doesn’t just speak, but acts to help women!!!

The Islamic Republic of Iran doesn’t need to be in a commission in order to prove that it’s a supporter of women’s rights; the history of this system and how the status of the female population of Iran has changed after the Islamic revolution proves this matter to us.

Source: Tasnim News Agency

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