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Famous British celebrity insists “All MEN DESIRE SLIM WOMEN”…

by Narges Mohammadi

BRITAIN- Famous celebrity, James Jordan, has not backed down on his controversial comments on his wife’s weight gain and instead insisted that “all men prefer slim women”. The Kent celebrity caused quite a stir earlier this year when he said he prefers his gorgeous wife when she is three stone lighter.

“I will say I prefer Ola smaller. Of course, I still love her and fancy her.” Naturally, following his comment on Ola’s weight, women all over the nation hit out at the professional dancer, labelling him ‘cruel’ for commenting on his wife’s body.

Addressing the controversy this week, the former Strictly professional clapped back: “Hang on one second, you’re not allowed to be honest today in this world. There’s no man, let me tell you ladies out there, there’s no man in the world who will say, ‘Oh no, I much prefer my wife being much bigger and heavier’. There’s no man, they don’t exist.

“They might tell you, ‘Oh you look lovely darling’ but would they prefer you slimmer? Yes, they would. That’s just a fact, I’m just telling you that every single man 100 per cent feels that way,” James said.

Dad-of-one James also claimed that he didn’t mind being labelled as ‘the bad guy’ for his comments because he believes that honesty is much more important.

It is absolutely shameful to see that in a world that they claim to support women, a male celebrity allows himself to talk in such an insulting manner about his wife and other women plus degrade them so bad. Women after going through 9 months of pregnancy they all experience changes in their body, and now most men instead of giving them support and encouraging them, they just humiliate them like this so PUBLICLY.

This is the true ideology of capitalists towards women; they see women as products, not human-beings.

Following his latest defensive remarks, social media has once again gone into meltdown over James’ views on women’s bodies:

“James Jordan is one of the most ignorant and misogynistic men to ever walk this earth. So women aren’t attractive to ANY MAN ON EARTH if they’re packing a few pounds after GIVING BIRTH? I’m surprised he has a wife at all,” one raged.

“I feel so sorry for James Jordan’s wife Ola. She deserves so much better. The woman carried this man’s child for goodness’s sake and he’s slating her figure and weight gain. Wow. Just wow,” another raged.

A third tweeted: “Big words coming from a man like that. He must literally think he’s James Bond or something. Lol.”

Source: Kentlive.news

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